Wende Henley says employers are more willing to hire people

Wende Henley of the Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce joins Mari and Brian on The Morningline to talk Forest Job Fair, why you should come prepared for an on-the-spot interview, on employers being more willing to give opportunities to individuals, discusses upcoming events for the Chamber of Commerce, and why this summer will see higher […]

Plug Away Monday: Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce and

Mari and Brian are joined by Wendy Henley from the Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce talks their Legislative Breakfast Wrap Up Event tomorrow among others, and also Stacy Garrett from The Miller Home to promote their first ever Kentucky Derby Event. WLNI · Plug Away Monday 05/02/2022

Plug Away Monday: Wende Gaylor 06/21/2021

Wende Gaylor, of the Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce, joins Mari and Brian to promote the job fair that is coming up in Part 1 of this week’s Plug Away Monday Segment! WLNI · Plug Away Monday: Wendy Gaylor 06/21/2021