The Sportsline, featuring Mike Barber, Andy Bitter, and M4K Lynchburg

On this Tuesday edition of The Sportsline, Mike Barber joins us to discuss his thoughts on Virginia Tech’s new hire of Brent Pry, and Andy Bitter of The Athletic talks what to make of Pry’s previous coaching history and experience + Mustaches 4 Kids gives us their final progress report. WLNI · The Sportsline

M4K is back live in-studio to give a mid-way update

The guys with M4K gives listeners an update on how much money has been raised, and tells us how much of a local impact this charitable deed does here in our hometown + more specifics on upcoming “match days.” WLNI · M4K -Lynchburg back in-studio 11 – 23 – 2021

Mustaches 4 Kids joins us once again, this time with special guests

Once again on The Sportsline, M4K Lynchburg joins us live in studio to speak about where things stand after one full into November and how their charitable cause can create an impact on those in need + how great today’s “match day” went for them. WLNI · M4K Lynchburg joins The Sportsline

Mustaches 4 Kids joins us live in-studio to talk about growing for charity

We are joined once again, in-studio by Mustaches 4 Kids, who talk about how they started their cause and why the chose mustaches, tells us who will be involved this year around, and informs listeners of how they can get involved + some special guests join us in studio to inform us more of the […]

Mustaches 4 Kids (M4K) joins us on The Sportsline

Mustaches 4 Kids of Lynchburg joins The Sportsline to discuss their cause, including it being their 8th year in the commonwealth, they reveal how much they raised for charity last year, and tells listeners on how they can donate to their cause. WLNI · M4K joins The Sportsline

Best of the Burg 01/16/21

Mari & Rich spoke with Louise Dudley of River Ridge Mall about improvements and changes on the way. They also invited Kate Goodman onto the program to discuss the annual Chase The Chill WLNI · Best of the Burg 01/16/21