Antonio Freeman and Cody Benjamin star on The Sportsline

Former Hokie and Packer great Antonio Freeman joins The Sportsline to talk NFL playoffs, state of the organization of his two former teams, and who reminds him of himself who’s currently in the league, and Cody Benjamin of CBS Sports drops by to talk Wild Card weekend results and what he saw from both the […]

CBS writer Cody Benjamin breaks down Wild Card weekend

Cody Benjamin of CBS Sports joins The Sportsline to give his updated impressions of the NFL following the results of Wild Card weekend, including which game of the weekend was most intriguing to him, on which team Sean Payton could end up coaching next season, and on how Giants QB Daniel Jones has finally reached […]

Last Call on the Sportsline

Last Call on the Sportsline recaps a great week on the Sportsline. We hear from a lot of great guests including Jay Busbee, Mark Blankenbaker, Cody Benjamin, and Mike Barber but also DC and Rich. WLNI · Last Call on The Sportsline

The Sportsline with Special Guests including Cody Benjamin and Mark Blankenbaker.

We ask the hard questions on this episode like: what is the appropriate baseball season month, and who is the top-tier of super models. We talk with’s Cody Benjamin about who might be uncomfortable with how hot their seat has become in the NFL. The Sheriff of Louisville football, Mark Blankenbaker tells us how […]’s Cody Benjamin joins the Sportsline.

Cody Benjamin of, joins the Sportsline to talk about the NFL Coaches who might feel the seat getting warmer. Benjamin elaborates on what he is expecting coming into the Thursday Night Football matchup with the Colts- Broncos. Plus, he talks about the Steelers decision to go with Kenny Pickett. WLNI · Cody Benjamin Talks […]