The Injury Report with Dr. Ben Ferry of Liberty Mountain Medical Group

On this week’s edition of The Injury Report, brought to you by Liberty Mountain Medical Group, Dr. Ben Ferry joins us for an extended discussion on meniscus injuries, including what the meniscus does for the knee, on the different procedures one can take to repair the cartilage, and what some of the symptoms are of […]

Bobby Stokes, Ritchie McKay, The Historian and Last Call feature on The Sportsline

On this week-ending edition of The Sportsline, former UVA guard and current doctor Bobby Stokes joins us to talk about caring for Terry Holland in his later years, Ritchie McKay stops by to discuss Liberty’s run through the ASUN Tournament and his technical foul from Karl Hess, the Historian brings the archives and Last Call […]

Bobby Stokes says once a Cavalier, always a Cavalier

Former Virginia guard and current Charlottesville doctor Bobby Stokes joins The Sportsline to continue our remembrance of the late Terry Holland, including why their connection went so much further than just basketball, on what it was like to care for Holland in the former coach’s later years, and talked about “The Gentleman’s” competitive fire and […]

Dr. Susannah Lichtenstein talks health and nutrition

Liberty Mountain Medical Group’s Dr. Lichtenstein joins The Sportsline to talk health tips, including some signs that you are not taking in enough calories, gives listeners some exercising tips, and what’s safe to do or not so safe during pregnancy + much more! WLNI · Dr Lichtenstein of LMMG talks health, nutrition

Dr. Thomas Eppes: Vaccination Updates

Dr. Thomas Eppes with Central Virginia Family Physicians gave us an update on COVID-19 vaccine distribution WLNI · Dr. Thomas Eppes: Vaccination Updates