Our Pine Needles Golf Winner is Announced + the Waxing Begins

In our main event attraction of the night, Dennis Carter and Anthony McAvoy announce the lucky winner of our Pine Needles Golf Resort in order to raise more money for M4K Lynchburg, and on the other hand we have a big loser in the Sportsline’s Drew Gentry as he begins his pain-staking promise of letting […]

Historian live from the Stache Bash

Wes May, our very important Sportsline Historian, joins the show live from the Stache Bash in anticipation of being first in line to pull out Drew Gentry’s hair from his body, and also runs through significant dates from the archives that revolves around the world of college football. WLNI · The Historian live at the […]

M4K Guys Join the Sportsline

A whole crew joins the show to talk about what’s going on in the growing season. The M4K guys are not the only ones in studio they bring in some from Fortress Foundation Solutions along with Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Plus, the support for WLNI Kids efforts to get to 15K. WLNI · M4K […]

Legacy Wealth Management Game of the Week Altavista at Appomattox

Welcome to a special edition of high school football as the Altavista Colonels travel to Appomattox to take on the Raiders in week six of the Legacy Wealth Management Game of the Week. E.C. Glass is in their bye week, but catch our whole broadcast here in case you missed it! The “Legacy Wealth Management […]

New Realm Brewing’s Last Call.

The week flew by but these comments didn’t fly under the radar. This Last Call features the likes of Peter Jacobsen, Mike Barber, Doc Walker, and Jared Dubin alongside our guys. WLNI · Last Call on The Sportsline

New Realm Brewing Company’s Last Call.

The New Realm Brewing’s #LastCall features a lot of highlights and lowlights from this week’s show including comments from CBS Sports’ Patrick McDonald, New York Post’s Mark Cannizzaro, NBC Sports’ Steve Sands, and Yahoo Sports’ Jay Busbee. Plus, of course our guys out of context. WLNI · New Realm Brewing's Last Call

Monday Mourning on the Sportsline

There were a lot of great moments this weekend in sports but there were a lot of lowlights as well. The Guys mourn Drew’s Car Issue, Zach Wilson’s Mom, a NASCAR Driver, and the Historian weighs in. WLNI · Monday Mourning on The Sportsline