Ryan McGee, Cooper Watson, and Brad Spielberger join The Sportsline

JoJo Pizza and Grille brings to you The Sportsline, featuring ESPN’s Ryan McGee who tells his interaction with Tom Brady and how NASCAR has made his dreams a reality, Cooper Watson on Virginia Tech’s patch to an at-large bid and why UVA will win the ACC, and Brad Spielberger on if he believes Tom Brady […]

Ryan McGee says NASCAR has been the glue that holds his life together

ESPN senior writer Ryan McGee joins The Sportsline to talk best stories in sports, including what it was like, on the heels of Tom Brady’s 2nd retirement announcement, to interact with the GOAT at an anniversary game at Michigan, on how NASCAR has been the one key factor of consistency in his professional and personal […]

Seth Greenberg, Mike Young, and Mark Schofield join The Sportsline

On this Tuesday edition of The Sportsline, ESPN personality Seth Greenberg joins to talk state of ACC hoops and his biggest surprise team in the nation so far, Hokies head coach Mike Young previews the Virginia Tech at Virginia basketball game, and Mark Schofield of SB Nation recaps the Wild Card and looks ahead to […]

ESPN’s Seth Greenberg says he predicted Clemson as a high-end ACC hoops team

ACC Network analyst Seth Greenberg joins The Sportsline to talk big storylines around college basketball, including what fans can expect in the big in-state rivalry game between Virginia Tech and Virginia, on why he’s been a true believer in Clemson basketball and their head coach Brad Brownell, and what his top and most surprising teams […]

The Sportsline with great guests Jay Busbee, Katie George, and Marty Chandler

On this Thursday edition of The Sportsline, Yahoo! Sports writer Jay Busbee breaks down the latest regarding Damar Hamlin and what the NFL may do about the suspended Bengals-Bills game, ESPN sideline reporter Katie George stops by to talk wild week of college football and what to expect in the National Title game, and London […]

Joe Jauch joins the Sportsline to talk about the Flames Success.

Joe Jauch of Liberty’s ESPN TV Broadcast joins Rich and Dennis to talk about the Liberty Flames biggest win in school history. Jauch talks about how the defense is key to winning games so far this season and the professional talent on the defensive side of the ball. Jauch also talks about how the program […]

David Hale of ESPN joins the Sportsline.

David Hale of ESPN joins the Sportsline to talk about a great weekend coming up in college football. Hale talks about how there are different levels to how assess a new coach, and Brent Pry specifically should be judged by how coaches in the Commonwealth are excited about him. Plus, how the ACC is shaping […]

The Sportsline with Special Guests including Cody Benjamin and Mark Blankenbaker.

We ask the hard questions on this episode like: what is the appropriate baseball season month, and who is the top-tier of super models. We talk with CBSSports.com’s Cody Benjamin about who might be uncomfortable with how hot their seat has become in the NFL. The Sheriff of Louisville football, Mark Blankenbaker tells us how […]

Mark Blankenbaker of ESPN Louisville joins the Sportsline.

ESPN Louisville’s Mark Blankenbaker joins the Sportsline to answer hard hitting questions including about super models. Blankenbaker elaborates on how Scott Satterfield’s job is on the line with this game in Charlottesville. He talks about how the defense from Louisville along with the QB Malik Cunningham probability to play. WLNI · Mark Blankenbaker Talks Cardinals

Paul Carcaterra of ESPN joins the Sportsline.

Sideline Reporter for ESPN Paul Carcaterra joins the Sportsline to preview tomorrow night’s matchup between Syracuse and Virginia. The Syracuse alum breaks down how the Orange have gotten to their hot start. Carcaterra talks about how the UVA staff going to Syracuse has changed the offenses efficiency. WLNI · Paul Carcaterra Talks Orange- Cavs