Plug Away Monday: Joy Cover and Freedom 4/24

Joy Cover from Freedom 4/24 joins Brian Weigand for Plug Away Monday to talk about what the organization does, promote their upcoming Freedom Gala, a new partner, and much more. WLNI · Plug Away Monday: Freedom 4/24 06/27/2022

John Basten Talks Mid-State Cares and Who They Support

John Basten of The Mid-State Group joins Mari and Brian on The Morningline to talk about Mid-State Cares, the charities that they support including Nick Liberto with Proven Ministries and Jaclyn Blackford from Freedom 4/24 on how they help educate and prevent sex trafficking. WLNI · The Morningline: John Basten 12/21/2021

Covering Our Community: Joy Cover (Freedom 4/24)

Rich Roth and Ashley Schamerhorn are joined by Joy Cover of Freedom 4/24 to talk about their event that wrapped up that morning as well as the goal of Freedom 4/24 to help stop sex trafficking in its tracks in this week’s segment of Covering Our Community brought to you by The Bank of the […]

The Best of the Burg 04/24/2021

Rich Roth, Ashley Schamerhorn, and Anthony McAvoy talk with Kenny Shelton who is live at Kubota of Lynchburg for their Field Day Event, which sparks the conversation of what is the craziest thing that you have ever driven, Joy Cover of Freedom 4/24 to talk about their event that had just wrapped up as well […]

Best of the Burg 01/09/21

New producers Anthony and Tommy learned about some of the BEST things the Lynchburg area has to offer! Rich & Mari also interview Jaclyn Blackford of Freedom 424 ahead of Human Trafficking Awareness Day WLNI · Best of the Burg 01/09/21