A Deeper Dive – September 25, 2022

Brian Weigand talks with Former Virginia Legislator, Greg Habeeb, about marijuana legalization in Virginia. He is also joined by Virginia Secretary of Education, Aimee Guidera to break down Virginia’s transgender student policy. Jim Talian explains the plan for the continuation of the downtown revitalization project. WLNI · A Deeper Dive 09/25/2022

The Morningline: FULL SHOW

The Big 3: Masks, Russia/Ukraine, and Rainbow Forest Update. 6AM: The Big 3, Listener Calls, Tesla Boombox Recall, and Bob Saget. 7AM: Masks in Schools, Greg Habeeb, Mari Got High? 8AM: Rush Limbaugh, Biscuit’s Olympic Update, Seal Saves Life, and Lynchburg City Councilman Chris Faraldi. WLNI · The Morningline 02/17/2022

Greg Habeeb Talks Marijuana Law Proposed At Crossover

Greg Habeeb joins Mari and Brian on The Morningline to talk about where we were with the Marijuana Law on January 1st, Document Dump on Crossover, what we know about this new bill, who benefits from the current law, system for growing, and more. WLNI · The Morningline: Greg Habeeb 02/17/2022

A Deeper Dive – November 21, 2021

Brian Weigand is back as he talks with Greg Habeeb on the future of legal weed in Virginia, Virginia Attorney General Elect, Jason Miyares, on his plans after he takes office, and Norm Leahy to reflect on the election and look forward to 2022. WLNI · A Deeper Dive 11/21/2021

The Morningline: FULL SHOW

The Big 3: Gas Prices, QAnon Shaman, and Lady Beetle Infestation. 6AM: The Big 3 and the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial. 7AM: Fort Pickett and Greg Habeeb. 8AM: Kyle Rittenhouse, Fort Pickett, Armadillo Sightings in Roanoke, and Mark Dalton. WLNI · The Morningline 11/18/2021