Congressman Bob Good Talks Culture and Value Problems In The Country

Congressman Bob Good joins Mari and Anthony on The Morningline to talk about the Gun Bill, culture and value problems in the country, the Life Rally, Roe v Wade Decision, January 6th Committee and did Republicans play it wrong? WLNI · The Morningline: Congressman Bob Good 07/07/2022

The Morningline: FULL SHOW

The Big 3: Supreme Court Gun Ruling, Gun Bill, and Henry County Woman Shoots at Police. 6AM: The Big 3, Arch Manning Commits to Texas, Vince Carter’s House Robbed, and Swimmer Faints in Pool. 7AM: State Senator Steve Newman, Supreme Court and Roe v. Wade, Listener Calls, High School Track Sports Bra Controversy, the Thinking […]

Brian Kilmeade Talks Current News

Brian Kilmeade joins Mari and Brian on The Morningline to talk about the January 6th Hearings, potential gun bill, FINA ruling, and what is coming up on his show this morning. WLNI · The Morningline: Brian Kilmeade 06/20/2022

The Morningline: FULL SHOW

The Big 3: Gun Bill, Body Found in James River, and Amherst Shooting. 6AM: The Big 3, Biscuit’s Vacation, and Cops Let Man Drown. 7AM: Rich Kelsey, Listener Calls, Dr. Thomas Eppes, and Cancer Drug Study. 8AM: Top Gun Maverick Lawsuit, Stranger Things and Empowerment Songs, Elon Musk and Twitter, and Campbell County Flag Retirement […]