The Historian corrects the archives, and Last Call shares laughs from the week

On Friday’s final segment of the week, the Sportsline Historian Wes May joins his dedicated segment to discuss memorable moments from past editions of our show and to correct the only mistake in the archives, and Last Call features past guests and odd things they said this past week, including UVA’s Lars Tiffany, golf’s Gary […]

The Historian and Last Call summarize good moments to wrap up another week

Our trusty Sportsline Historian, Wes May calls in for his signature segment to look back on fond memories of the show, including a broadcast from the Holliday Inn Express and DC’s induction into the Hall of Fame, and Last Call recaps funny sounds from the week, including Doc Walker, Herman Moore, Dave Koehn + hosts […]

The Historian and Last Call bring us to the Promised Land!

As our Friday show comes to a close, two fan-favorite segments wrap up the week, as “the Historian” Wes May dives into the archives to talk past memories of the show and sports, including Gary Hess letting a four letter word fly on-air and Dale Jr.’s retirement, and Last Call featured out of context material, […]

The Historian talks nuns, needing more masculinity, and Easter’s Triple H hymns

Wes May, our detail-oriented Sportsline Historian, joins his Friday block of the show once again to remind fans and hosts of the good ol’ days from the world of sports and our show, including including the time Rich inappropriately touched a nun, on a former co-host not sounding ‘manly enough,’ and why we sing about […]