The Sportsline Historian brings remarkable historical moments

Wes May, our Sportsline Historian, joins us for his signature Friday segment, looking back on great moments in history, including the time Buzz Williams lost out on being named ACC Coach of the Year by one vote, with someone on The Sportsline not voting for him, and when UVA secured the number 1 seed for […]

The Historian talks significant past moments from The Sportsline

Wes May, our resident Sportsline Historian, joins us to remember fond memories from the past, including the time The Sportsline changed time slots, Ralph Sampson’s missed dunk attempt, and Jim Boeheim’s comments on short people. WLNI · The Historian talks fond memories on The Sportsline

Professor Wes May is in the House!!

Our resident Sportsline Historian, Wes May made his regularly scheduled cameo appearance as he talks great past moments from the show and all of sports, also he petitions to get sponsorship from a hair restoration or ‘blue pill’ company! WLNI · The Historian is looking for sponsorship of his segment

The Historian talks notable dates, funny and memorable moments

Diving deep into the archives once a week, Wes “The Sportsline Historian” May joins us to talk memorable and upcoming anniversary dates from sports and radio history, including a big week for race fans, on Rich failing the please Trish on Valentine’s Day, and on Anthony “Biscuit” McAvoy’s memorable quote. WLNI · The Historian talks […]

The Historian remembers back on big guests that appeared on the show

Wes May, our loyal Sportline Historian, joins us to dig deep into his huge archives to look back on many fond memories of the show, including some huge guests wed had on in one single week several years ago, also the time that Rich disparaged a little league girls basketball team that underperformed, and what […]

The Historian talks Super Bowl flashbacks, Rich wearing Brady’s number

The greatest Sportsline Historian to ever lace up a pair of boots, Wes May joins us for his signature segment of the week, as he talks about the important milestone dates we’re approaching regarding memorable Super Bowls, and tells listeners about the one time Rich Roth was seen wearing a jersey of the GOAT, Tom […]

The Historian shows us his large archives and long memory

Wes May, our very beloved Sportsline Historian, joins the show for his weekly appearance, talking the greatest and funniest moments and memorable anniversaries in the history of both WLNI radio and the world of sports. WLNI · Historian talks past moments and funny anniversaries

The Historian talks Tom Brady’s bad history

Wes May, our very special Sportsline Historian, joins the show to talk about memorable past times from the world of sports and WLNI radio, including the Tuck Rule game, on Phil Simm’s great quote, and on the deflate-gate fiasco that involved Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. WLNI · The Historian talks Tom Brady […]

The Historian talks lost wedding ring, boobies

Wes May, our very fine Sportsline Historian, joins us to run down all the specific events that’s happened this week in years past, including Mike Vick declaring for the draft, Marcus Vick getting into trouble, Rich losing his wedding ring, and much more! WLNI · The Historian talks lost wedding ring, boobies

New Year New Historian? Not A Chance!

Wes May, the greatest Sportsline Historian in the business joins the show for his first appearance of 2023, as he talks about the time he fooled the station to win a contest, and found newly-discovered audio of Rich screaming when his automotive transport fell through and iced over lake. WLNI · The Historian returns for […]