Dave Glenn proclaims March Madness is as good as it gets

Chapelboro columnist Dave Glenn joins The Sportsline to talk biggest headlines in the NCAA Tournament, including why we are likely to have a first time national champion in basketball this season, on what to expect when the high-tempo Alabama Crimson Tide face off with the slow-paced San Diego State Aztecs, and why Miami is highly […]

The Sportsline with Jay Busbee, Chuck Culpepper, and Dr. Despins

On this hump-a-licious edition of The Sportsline, Yahoo Sports writer Jay Busbee joins to discuss men’s vs. women’s basketball and his thoughts on the NCAA Tournament, Chuck Culpepper stops by of the Washington Post to talk more March Madness and his thoughts on UVA’s 2019 title run, and Dr. Stephen Despins of Liberty Mountain Medical […]

Chuck Culpepper says UVA’s 2019 title run was ‘bizarre’

Washington Post sports writer Chuck Culpepper joins The Sportsline to talk the latest from the NCAA Tournament, including what it mean’s for the ACC that it has only one team left in March Madness – Miami, on why we’re seeing more higher seeded teams upset favorites in the ‘big dance,’ and why he wouldn’t be […]