The Best of the Burg 11/20/2021

Kenny and Judy Shelton talk about turkey cooking tips, Justin Fuente’s firing, and also talk with Logan Thomas, Shawne Farmer, and Stacy Garrett! WLNI · The Best of the Burg 11/22/2021

Mike Burnop, Scott Allen, and Kevin Wilmouth for The Sportsline

On this episode of The Sportsline, Hokie analyst Mike Burnop talks Fuente firing, Scott Allen of the Washington Post talks WFT upset of TB and outlook towards Carolina, and Kevin Wilmouth joins us for another Locally on the Links to explain Chunky Santa event and Cuban Scramble golf. WLNI · The Sportsline

Virginia Tech analyst Mike Burnop joins The Sportsline to talk Fuente firing

Mike Burnop drops by to discuss Virginia Tech’s firing of Justin Fuente, on if he was surprised by Fuente not finishing the season, tells us if he believed the timing of it was a bit odd, and discusses potential candidates and who should fill the vacancy + he previews their next opponent – Miami. WLNI […]

The firing of Justin Fuente covered here on this edition of The Sportsline

Andy Bitter, Logan Thomas, and Mike Barber all join us to discuss the new direction the Virginia Tech is headed in after the firing of coach Justin Fuente, and Alan York of LU talks the Flames and their next opponent + M4K Lynchburg drops by again to promote their next match day. WLNI · The […]

Former Hokie and current WFT member Logan Thomas joins The Sportsline

Logan Thomas of Lynchburg, Virginia joins the show to talk his status being injured on the WFT, what it means to upset the Tampa Bay Bucs, and gives us his thoughts on VT firing Justin Fuente + his partnership with Interfaith Outreach. WLNI · Logan Thomas joins The Sportsline

Andy Bitter joins The Sportsline to talk breaking VT news

Andy Bitter of The Athletic joins the show to talk about Virginia Tech deciding to move on from coach Justin Fuente, including why the Hokies decided now was the appropriate time, talks the new interim head coach J.C. Price, and discusses what happens now after the move. WLNI · Andy Bitter joins The Sportsline

The Morningline: FULL SHOW

The Big 3: Kyle Rittenhouse, Glenn Youngkin, and Smith Mountain Lake Fire. 6AM: The Big 3, Celebrate, and What Burns Our Biscuits. 7AM: 1 in 6 People Have Never What?, Squid Game Challenge, Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign, and Crazy Mason Coming to Lynchburg. 8AM: Mike Mayo, John Basten, and Justin Fuente Fired. WLNI · […]