The Morningline: FULL SHOW

The Big 3: Missing Woman Found, Monkey Pox, and JIF Peanut Butter Recall. 6AM: The Big 3, Johnny Depp/Amber Heard Trial, Michael Sussman Trial, and Dave Chappelle Attacker Update. 7AM: Katie Tubb, Gas Prices and Driving Habits, Lugnut Tik Tok Challenge, and State Senator Steve Newman. 8AM: Mike Mayo and Who’s The Next Big Actor. […]

A Deeper Dive – May 22, 2022

Brian Weigand is joined by Katie Tubb to talk the high oil and gas prices as well as the fight between Virginia Republicans and Democrats. He also talks to Richard Reinsch about whether or not Roe v. Wade will be overturned and what will happen if it does. Dr. Anne Lombardi also joins to discuss […]

A Deeper Dive – April 10, 2022

Brian Weigand is sits down with John Venable to talk about aid for Ukraine in its fight against Russia, Congressman Bob Good to discuss Ukraine and Immigration, and also speaks with Katie Tubb about the US Energy Policy in the wake of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine. WLNI · A Deeper Dive 04/10/2022

The Morningline: FULL SHOW

The Big 3: Russian Invasion of Ukraine, Tom Brady Comes Out of Retirement, and Virginia Tech. 6AM: The Big 3, Simon Owen, and a Shooting in Lynchburg. 7AM: Katie Tubb, Washington Commanders Stadium Deal, RIP William Hurt, ICYMI Featuring Bee Gees Saving Lives, Heat Wave #1 on Billboard After 1 Year, and the Virginia Schools […]

A Deeper Dive – March 13, 2022

Brian Weigand is joined by Michael Farren with the Mercatus Center to talk about the potential stadium deal in Virginia for the Washington Commanders, and also discusses US oil and every policy in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine with Katie Tubb from the Heritage Foundation. WLNI · A Deeper Dive 03/13/2022