You may have forgot, but the Historian’s archives are here to help your memory!

Wes May, our long-running Sportsline Historian joins his signature Friday segment at the Stache Bash to help Rich, Dennis, and the listeners jog their memory of famous past moments in the world of sports, and also funny and memorable moments from the history of our show. WLNI · The Historian talks Jerome Bettis, Buzz William […]

Doc Walker talks hot start for Washington Football in D.C.

Redskins legend and outspoken football personality Rick “Doc” Walker joins The Sportsline to break down Washington’s 2-0 start, including what he made of the no pass interference call at the end of the Denver Broncos game, his thoughts on the helmet-to-helmet hit in the end zone that injured Logan Thomas, and how the ‘human wrecking […]

Joe Theismann talks new ownership in D.C.

Former NFL MVP Joe Theismann joins The Sportsline to talk offseason of huge changes in Washington, including his initial impressions of new owner Josh Harris after meeting him face-to-face, on why he perceives another name change for the franchise in the next year or so, and why he’s not sure yet if Sam Howell is […]

The Sportsline, with guests Doug Doughty, Dr. Ferry, Ben Brown, and Zach Selby

On this mid-week edition of The Sportsline, veteran UVA sports writer Doug Doughty joins the show to talk latest rumblings in Cavaliers basketball and football, Dr. Ben Ferry of LMMG talks meniscus injuries and Jimmy G’s fractured foot, Ben Brown of PFF on newsworthy NFL offseason headlines, and Zach Selby of the Commanders on what […]

ESPN’s John Keim joins the Sportsline to Talk Commanders Camp.’s John Keim joins the Sportsline to talk about the roster moves made to make the 53-man roster coming into the new season. Keim weighs in on the Lynchburg native, Logan Thomas’ return to the NFL post knee surgery. Keim also talks about how Carson Wentz was the right move for this season and that […]

Redskins Legend Doc Walker joins The Sportsline to talk Commanders Camp.

Redskins great Doc Walker joins Rich and Dennis to talk about what he has seen from the Commanders camp and who has impressed him. Doc talks about how the interior of the offensive line was the biggest question mark but is looking good. He also weighs in on what fans should take away from preseason. […]

Dick Mast, Kyle Stackpole, The Historian, and Last Call on The Sportsline

On this edition of The Sportsline, golf expert Dick Mast joins us to talk more on LIV vs PGA, and taking lessons down at Poplar Grove, and CBS’s Kyle Stackpole goes in depth on everything Commanders, including Sam Howell, Chase Young, and Logan Thomas, plus The Historian and Last Call bring us home. WLNI · […]

CBS’s Kyle Stackpole discusses Howell, Young, and Logan Thomas of Washington

NFL writer for CBS, Kyle Stackpole joins The Sportsline to talk topics around the world of professional football, including how Washington rookie quarterback Sam Howell has looked thus far in training camp, on when fans of The Football Team could expect to see DE Chase Young back in action, and if local stud Logan Thomas […]