Andy Bitter updates offseason changes for the Hokies football program, his new job

Tech Sideline’s Andy Bitter joins The Sportsline to talk latest around Virginia Tech football, including why he chose to continue covering the Hokies with Tech Sideline, on his latest article on Ronald Curry and Michael Vick, and what fans in the commonwealth can expect from their team in Blacksburg in 2023. WLNI · Andy Bitter […]

The Historian talks lost wedding ring, boobies

Wes May, our very fine Sportsline Historian, joins us to run down all the specific events that’s happened this week in years past, including Mike Vick declaring for the draft, Marcus Vick getting into trouble, Rich losing his wedding ring, and much more! WLNI · The Historian talks lost wedding ring, boobies

Thursday edition of The Historian?

Welcome to a very special edition of The Sportsline Historian, joining us to give us his weekly history lesson, this edition on a Thursday, including when Lee Corso’s car was struck by lightning, when Michael Vick plead guilty, Storm Large’s appearance on our show, and Wes almost getting sponsored. WLNI · The Historian joins The […]

The Morningline: FULL SHOW

The Big 3: Biden’s Speech, Dollar General Break In, and Chuck Robb House Burns Down. 6AM: The Big 3, Michael Vick, Anchor Signs Off One Last Time. 7AM: Dr. Di Ann Sanchez and Karl Miller. 8AM: Billboard’s Top 10 Christmas songs of All-Time, Mill’s Heat For The Holidays Winner Announced, How we spend Christmas, and […]