The Sportsline featuring Special Guests including Conor Orr of Sports Illustrated, Zak Hanshew of NBC Sports Edge, and Greg Madia of the Charlottesville Daily Progress on a New Realm Tuesday.

This episode of the Sportsline features a lot on the ACC Football 3-5-5 format change. Conor Orr breaks down his bold NFL Predictions and weighs in on other NFL Headlines. Greg Madia talks about how the ACC Format effects UVA. Plus, Zak Hanshew takes his victory lap following an NBA Draft prediction. WLNI · The […]

Zak Hanshew Takes A Victory Lap Post NBA Draft.

Zak Hanshew of NBC Sports Edge joins for a victory lap as he predicted the Kings messing up the draft. He talks about the key players opting-in to their player options. Plus talks about how the Warriors come back in defense of their title. WLNI · Zak Hanshew Takes A Victory Lap