The Sportsline with David Teel, Dr. Mark Rolfs, and Vinnie Iyer

On this Crosswhite Athletic Club Tuesday on The Sportsline, David Teel joins us live from the ACC Spring meetings to give his insight on how things are going with the schools and the conference, Dr. Mark Rolfs on Liberty Mountain taught us the basics on resistance training, and Vinnie Iyer on the NFL’s off-season, schedule […]

Vinnie Iyer talks NFL schedule, draft winners, and Commanders

NFL writer for the Sporting News, Vinnie Iyer joins The Sportsline to talk latest in football, including his thoughts on the schedule release and why both East divisions have it tough, on Matt Ryan joining CBS Sports but not formally retiring, and who won the NFL draft with very strong selections + why the Commanders […]

NFL Network’s Marc Ross talks NFL schedule release, busy offseason

Marc Ross, former NFL executive and current personality on the NFL Network, joins The Sportsline to talk pro football headlines, including how the NFL has made the schedule release a nationally televised, made-for-tv event, on what he makes of the Aaron Rodgers deal from both the perspectives of the Packers and Jets, and why the […]

Trevor Sikkema breaks down a busy NFL offseason so far

Pro Football Focus personality Trevor Sikkema joins The Sportsline to give his impressions of the NFL’s offseason so far, including if former Tampa Bay quarterback Tom Brady could unretire a second time and return to the team, on his biggest winners of this year’s NFL draft, and his thoughts on the official NFL schedule reveal […]

Ben Standig breaks down the busy offseason of the Washington Commanders

The Athletic’s Ben Standig joins The Sportsline to talk the latest in the Commanders offseason, including if new ownership will change anything regarding on-the-field performance, on why he likes the concept but not the execution of Washington’s 2023 draft (including 1st round pick Emmanuel Forbes), and why new OC Eric Bieniemy could be a ‘fascinating’ […]

The Sportsline, with Bob Glauber, Austin Gayle, and special in-studio guests

On this Wednesday edition of The Sportsline, retired columnist Bob Glauber decides to not bail on us for once and actually show for his scheduled appearance (he talked football), Austin Gayle of The Ringer continues are discuss on the NFL and what he’s liked most from the draft and offseason, and our friends from LG […]

Austin Gayle discusses the NFL’s busy offseason, winners and losers so far

The Ringer’s Austin Gayle joins The Sportsline to give his impressions on the NFL draft and offseason so far, including why prospect development is more important than prospect evaluation in the combine and draft, on why the Detroit Lions fumbled the ball on becoming a contended in the NFC, and how the Baltimore Ravens won […]

Bob Glauber actually joins us, talking retired life, sports, and more

Retired sports writer for New York Newsday, Bob Glauber joins us (it’s about time) to talk about his life post-career, sports, and more, including how being a journalist was easier and more personable when he first started his job, on how the NFL has done a masterful job of popularizing all of it’s events, and […]

Doc Walker and David Teel join The Sportsline

On this Crosswhite Athletic Club edition of The Sportsline, Washington legend Doc Walker joins us to give his thoughts on the Commanders offseason so far and the latest happenings in the NFL, David Teel of the Richmond Times-Dispatch on the transfer portal and reasonable expectations for Tech and UVA football, and a lonely Rich asks […]

Former Washington star Doc Walker recaps the team’s offseason and draft

Rick “Doc” Walker joins The Sportsline to review Washington’s offseason so far and how the Commanders did in the NFL draft, including his thoughts on how new OC Eric Bieniemy fits into D.C., on why he wouldn’t pursue Aaron Rodgers as the QB of his franchise, and why he liked former VT passer Hendon Hooker […]