Hall of Fame Columnist Bob Glauber joins the Sportsline to Bust Rich’s Chops.

Bob Glauber joins the Sportsline to tell us if this is his last appearance on the Sportsline. Glauber says that Rich only thinks of the selfish reasons behind his retirement and how they can benefit himself. He weighs-in on how the Giants and Daniel Jones could stay together but there has to be conviction. WLNI […]

The Sportsline with Special Guests Including Brent Pry and Joe Jauch.

The Sportsline continues to mourn as a kicker cost another NFL team a game. We catch-up with Hokies Head Coach Brent Pry about how his team rebounded nicely after their heartbreaking loss to ODU with a 17 point win over Boston College. Joe Jauch joins us to talk about what’s going on with the Flames […]

The Houston Chronicle’s Brooks Kubena breaks down the Deshaun Watson Suspension.

Brooks Kubena of the Houston Chronicle joins the Sportsline to talk about the 6-game suspension (pending appeals) of Deshaun Watson. Kubena talks about how Judge Sue Robinson was very critical of the NFL’s reactiveness instead of proactiveness when it comes to these incidents. Kubena breaks down the activist groups reactions and how the language of […]