David Teel says Sam Hartman’s return makes a Liberty win more of an uphill climb

Richmond Times-Dispatch sports journalist David Teel joins The Sportsline to talk college football headlines as the weekend nears, including if the UVA Cavaliers can bounce back from their ugly loss to Illinois, on Sam Hartman’s return to Wake Forest causing trouble for their next matchup vs. Liberty, and if the Miami-Texas A&M game is the […]

Gary Hess joins The Sportsline to Talk about How the Commonwealth is Holding Up.

Longtime Friend Gary Hess joins Rich and Dennis to talk about the 5 different schools in the Commonwealth. Hess talks about how the ODU Monarchs are a legit contender to winning the Commonwealth Cup. Gary also talks about how the Hokies rebounded nicely but that are still several questions left on the season. WLNI · […]