Peter Burns of the SEC Network joins the Sportsline.

Host of SEC Now, Peter Burns, joins the Sportsline to talk about the biggest story in College Football this season. Burns talks about how Tennessee has used Virginia Tech roots to boost its’ program to new heights. Burns talks on how three teams from the SEC could make their way into the College Football Playoff. […]

New Realm’s recap of the week, Last Call

Welcome to the New Realm Brewing Company Last Call, as we revisit some of the best and funniest moments from this week on The Sportsline, including clips from Bill Roth, Jake Grove, Peter Burns, Doug Rice, and many more! WLNI · Last Call on The Sportsline

ESPN’s Peter Burns states adding more teams could water down SEC, CFP

Peter Burns, SEC Network Studio Announcer, joins The Sportsline to talk about the upcoming college football season, including how the Big Ten’s upcoming new TV contract could monetarily put them above the SEC, on why adding any more teams would simply water down the SEC, and gives his thought on a potential expanded College Football […]