The Historian talks ‘yo mama’ jokes, ping pong, and scheduled emergency

Wes May, our very own renaissance man, joins The Sportsline as the Historian to review the archives and discuss old historical moments from the history of the show, including the ‘yo mama joke contest’ and the winning entry, the removal of the ping pong table from the old studio, and the infamous “scheduled emergency.” WLNI […]

Professor Wes May is in the House!!

Our resident Sportsline Historian, Wes May made his regularly scheduled cameo appearance as he talks great past moments from the show and all of sports, also he petitions to get sponsorship from a hair restoration or ‘blue pill’ company! WLNI · The Historian is looking for sponsorship of his segment

You Reach? He Teach!

World’s greatest Sportsline Historian, Wes May returns to the show bring all of his archive awesomeness, including revisiting the debate on if God has favorites in sports, how Wes got diarrhea from a listener, on the Geno Smith – sucker punch situation, and Rich’s long-overdue apology to women. WLNI · The Historian joins The Sportsline

Pop History Quiz with The Professor!

Wes May, The Sportsline Historian, joins the show once again for his weekly rundown of WLNI Radio history, this week including the 2006 Sportsline Cup, on Lilian Garcia leaving WLNI, and finding out what a scheduled emergency is. WLNI · The Historian joins The Sportsline