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The Big 3: McAuliffe Maskless, General Milley’s Chinese Comments, RIP Norm McDonald. 6AM: The Big 3, Celebrate, General Milley. 7AM: General Milley, Listener Calls, Randy Trost, Jordan Cheyenne. 8AM: Lynchburg City Councilman Chris Faraldi, Feel Good Story of the Day, AOC’s Met Gala Dress, Texas Peeping Tom Shot, and are Mules back for men? WLNI […]

Randy Trost: The Morningline 06/22/2021

Randy Trost of the Trost Law Firm joins The Morningline to talk about the upcoming change in Virginia Law that will make marijuana legal! WLNI · Randy Trost: The Morningline 06/22/2021

The Morningline 06/22/2021

Mari, Brian, and Anthony are back on this Tuesday morning! The Big 3: Missing Woman Found, Carl Nassib, Increased Violence in the US. 6AM: People smoking weed on the Blackwater Creek Trail. Missing Lynchburg Woman Found. Carl Nassib coming out as first active openly gay player in the NFL. Increase of violent crimes throughout the […]