Locally on the Links with Locally on the Links

Colonial Hills Golf Club’s Kevin Wilmouth joins Beacon Credit Union’s Locally on the Links on The Sportsline to talk golf at home and nationally, including why the rest of November still looks good enough to get out and play, on why he was surprised to see Rory McIlroy step down from the PGA Tour’s policy […]

Dr. William Wells Talks New School Year for Amherst County Public School

Amherst County Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. William Wells, joins Mari and Brian on The Morningline to talk about the enrollment trends in Amherst County, any new security measures being taken, new renovations taking place at Amherst High School, is there more demand for CTE classes, are they having any problems finding bus drivers, have they […]

Locally on the Links with Mark Fry

Director of Golf at Homestead Resort, Mark Fry joins Beacon Credit Union’s Locally on the Links to talk Centennial Celebrations, including what they are doing at the golf course to commemorate 100 years, on how his son is now driving the ball further than him by over a football field, and reveals the big announcement […]