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The Big 3: Debt Deal Close, Curfew Starts Tonight, and Brian’s Lucky To Be Alive. 6AM: The Big 3, Listener Calls, CDC Says Don’t Eat Cookie Dough, I Hate When That Happens, DeSantis Campaign Big Money Day, and Memorial Day Events. 7AM: Graham Moomaw, Listener Calls, Karl Miller, 7 Year Old Sets House on Fire, […]

Sharon Stiteler Talks YMCA’s Summer Staycation Program

Sharon Stitler from the YMCA of Central Virginia joins Mari and Brian on The Morningline to talk about the Summer Staycation program that starts today, their Premiere Programs, the popularity of pickleball, is there a deadline to sign up, and much more. WLNI · The Morningline: Sharon Stitler 05/26/2023