Lt. Jeff Rater discusses the Capture of Travis Ramsey

Lieutenant Jeffrey Rater of Campbell County joins Mari and Kenny on The Morningline to discuss the Capture of Travis Ramsey, on if there were many issues during the capture, on if there’s ever been a similar situation he’s seen in his career, and gives behind the scenes details on the arrest. WLNI · The Morningline: […]

Bedford County Sheriff’s office investigates “numerous burglaries” of storage units

From the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office: Investigators are investigating numerous burglaries of storage units that have occurred since January 2014. Suspect(s) are gaining entry into a single unit and are then able to access adjoining units. After gaining entrance, suspect(s) are stealing various items (jewelry, silverware, dinnerware, etc.). Storage units located in Moneta, Thaxton, New […]