Kevin Sweeney talks NCAA hoops upsets, Duke vs. UNC, and ACC teams in March

Sports Illustrated college basketball writer Kevin Sweeney joins The Sportsline to talk national and local division one NCAA hoops, including his take on the unusually large amount of upsets we’ve seen this season and how it equates to no real dominant team this season, on what he’s expecting in this weekend’s huge Duke-UNC rivalry matchup, […]

Mike McDaniel talks off-field expansion, on-field preview for the ACC

Sports Illustrated news author Mike McDaniel joins The Sportsline to talk college football and the upcoming ACC season, including his thoughts on if Cal, Stanford, or SMU will find their way into the ACC, on how QB situations can heavily impact the seasons of Alabama and Georgia, and why he has Florida State winning the […]

Peter Jacobsen, Mike Barber, and Mike McAllister shine on The Sportsline

ACC expert of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Mike Barber stops by to talk Virginia Tech, UVA, and more local college football headlines, Mike McAllister, who covers The Orange for SINow, drops by to preview the upcoming season for Syracuse, and Golf Channel’s Peter Jacobsen breaks down his amazing career. WLNI · The Sportsline 08-11-2022

SI’s Mike McAllister tells us Syracuse is looking to win more

Sports Illustrated writer Mike McAllister, who covers The Orange for SINow, joins The Sportsline to discuss high hopes for Syracuse, including why they are attempting to improve from their 5-7 record last season to get to .500, on why dual-threat QB Garrett Schrader is tough to contain, and why the QB-RB combo has helped improve […]