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The Big 3: Mar-a-Lago Raid, Spotted Lanternflies Invading, and Olivia Newton-John. 6AM: The Big 3, Richmond Thwarted Shooting, and Dr. Elena Black. 7AM: Scott Baker, Mar-a-Lago, Richmond Shooting, and Listener Calls. 8AM: Mike Mayo, Star Trek, Man Finds Out He Wins Lottery, Listener Calls, and Olivia Newton-John. WLNI · The Morningline 08/09/2022

Scott Baker Talks Spotted Lanternfly

Scott Baker joins Mari and Brian on The Morningline to talk about the Spotted Lanternfly, where it was first identified, what makes it dangerous, quarantining, and more. WLNI · The Morningline: Scott Baker 08/09/2022