The Historian reminds listeners of good memories via the archives

Wes May, are reliable and traveling Sportsline Historian, joins the show live from City Stadium to review and reveal perhaps forgotten moments from our radio show and the world of sports, including anniversaries to remember and unlucky happenstances to you need to hear! WLNI · The Historian reminds listeners of the good ole days via […]

The Historian bring the archives on the road to City Stadium

Wes May, our dependable Sportsline Historian, joins the show on-site from our special high school football broadcast to run though historical moments that occurred on the show or in the world of sports, including moments that were funny, memorable, or flat-out unbelievable. WLNI · The Historian talks college football memories and the anniversary of his […]

The Historian talks Sportsline contest rules, Larry seeing the Wiggles

Wes May, our trustworthy Sportsline Historian, joins the show for his “anchor” segment, as he runs through and lists past memorable and remarkable moments in the world of sports, and also the history of our show, including WWE’s Chyna, a tradition of ‘fluid’ rules in our contests, and former co-host Larry Richmond seeing a Wiggles […]

The Historian brings humor and fun to The Sportsline

Wes May, our veteran Sportsline Historian, joins the show for his signature Friday segment upon his return to the Dogwood state, and celebrates by coming by the studio in-person to recount past funny and memorable moments found in the archives, involving sports, the show, and it’s personalities. WLNI · The Historian talks past funny moments […]

The Historian remembers unapproved chairs, long bans, bee stings, and spilt balls

Wes May is in character at The Historian, as he joins The Sportsline from Florida for his signature segment to reminisce back on previous moments from sports and the show, including Mari not liking Rich’s new chairs, Wes being banned for almost a whole year, an unfortunate bee sting, Dennis spilling his balls, and more. […]

The Historian talks 25 years strong, Japanese cardboard beds, Vince McMahon

Wes May, our quarter century-long Sportsline Historian, joins the show once again for his signature end of the week segment to discuss big dates and key moments from sports and our show, including Rich Roth reaching the 25th anniversary of The Sportsline, on Japan building cardboard beds to stop sex, and the WWE’s retirement of […]

The Historian talks ‘yo mama’ jokes, ping pong, and scheduled emergency

Wes May, our very own renaissance man, joins The Sportsline as the Historian to review the archives and discuss old historical moments from the history of the show, including the ‘yo mama joke contest’ and the winning entry, the removal of the ping pong table from the old studio, and the infamous “scheduled emergency.” WLNI […]