The Morningline: FULL SHOW

The Big 3: Russian Invasion of Ukraine, Lynchburg Shooting, and March Madness 6AM: The Big 3 and Simon Owen. 7AM: Brian Kilmeade, Responsibility of the Private Sector to Russia, Andrew Cuomo is the victim?, Norm Leahy, and What News Russian Citizens Getting. 8AM: ICYMI Featuring Box of Human Heads Stolen, Walkmans Making A Comeback?, Duke/UNC, […]

Plug Away Monday – March 7, 2022

Todd Blake from Park View Community Mission joins Mari and Brian on The Morningline to promote the St. Paddy’s Day 5K, The Food For Thought Program, and Jim Meredith of the Lynchburg Pops Community Band stops by to talk about the band and how they have rebounded after starting right before Covid, and some of […]