David Glenn says most college fans will never see their team win it all

Long-time friend of the show David Glenn joins The Sportsline to talk college athletic headlines, including what the big difference is between fans of college teams and fans of professional teams, on what he made of the ACC football schedule release and Carolina head coach Mack Brown’s complaining, and if he believes the Virginia Cavaliers […]

Patrick Stevens thinks UNC-Oregon will be an exciting bowl matchup

Washington Post college sports contributor Patrick Stevens joins The Sportsline to break down some of the best college football headlines in 2022’s bowl season, including if he was surprised that four quarterbacks were selected as Heisman finalists, on why he has North Carolina versus Oregon as one of the premiere bowl matchups this season, and […]

Professor David Glenn joins the Sportsline.

Longtime Friend of The Sportsline David Glenn joins the show to talk about how the world is backwards with all of the ACC North Carolina teams making a bowl game for the first time ever. Glenn talks about how the ACC football championship will play out between Clemson and UNC. Plus, he previews how he […]

Bill Bender of the Sporting News breaks down the College Football Playoff Rankings.

The Sporting News’ Bill Bender talks about how the College Football Playoff Rankings are overhyping some teams and undervaluing some others. Bender talks about how Drake Maye deserves more national love and how UNC’s end of season success could ship him to New York. Plus, he describes how he thinks the College Football Playoffs will […]

Brett Friedlander talks about how ACC Football has played out.

Brett Friedlander of Saturdayroad.com joins the Sportsline to talk about how UNC-UVA will be a blowout because of the offensive differences. Friedlander talks about how UVA Football has taken the UVA Basketball approach of little offense but heavy defense. Plus, Friedlander talks about how football season is still catching his attention but that basketball is […]

Mike Barber joins the Sportsline to talk The Commonwealth Woes.

Mike Barber of the Richmond Times joins the Sportsline to talk about how things in the Barber Household have been going well unlike the struggles on the field. Barber talks about how the Virginia Cavaliers are slightly better than Virginia Tech due to the capability of their defense this season. Barber elaborates on the disappointing […]

Tony Covington joins the Sportsline to Preview the South’s Oldest Rivalry.

Virginia Radio Network Color Analyst, Tony Covington, joins the Sportsline to talk about the Hoos woes. Covington talks about how the UVA OL has been getting it handed to them in the trenches. Covington talks about how it is tough to win only 17 points per game. Plus, Cov talks about how the Cavaliers being […]

Steve Wiseman talks the Coastal Chaos coming to an End.

The Durham-Herald Sun’s Steve Wiseman, joins the sportsline to talk about how the ACC Football season has come to be. Wiseman talks about this season exemplifying the overall state of the divisions in the ACC. Wiseman talks about how R-Freshman QB Drake Maye, is leading UNC to national relevance and how he is elite at […]