Brett Friedlander, Vinnie Iyer, and Geoff Redgrave join The Sportsline

On this edition of The Sportsline, ACC journalist Brett Friedlander joins us to break down area basketball in Blacksburg and Charlottesville, SN’s Vinnie Iyer hopped by to talk all things post-Super Bowl in the NFL, and Wintergreen Resort’s Geoff Redgrave is here for another Locally on the Links + Rich and Dennis break down the […]

Vinnie Iyer of The Sporting News joins The Sportsline to talk NFL football

SN’s Vinnie Iyer joins the show to break down Super Bowl aftermath, including if more teams will follow the Rams model of going all-in and forgoing draft picks to build their team to win now, on if the Super Bowl loser Cincinnati Bengals will return to the Big Game or if this was just a […]

Mike Barber, Vinnie Iyer, and Nick Pierce join The Sportsline to talk sports

Mike Barber of the Richmond Times-Dispatch joins the show to talk the state of VT, UVA, and ACC basketball, Vinnie Iyer of The Sporting News talks NFL Week 18 and Antonio Brown, and Nick Pierce discusses LU men’s and women’s basketball and their upcoming doubleheader + the Spin Dr is back in the house! WLNI […]

We welcome Vinnie Iyer to The Sportsline to talk NFL football

Vinnie Iyer of the Sporting News joins us to talk NFL football, including Tom Brady’s return game to Foxborough in Bucs vs. Patriots, New York teams with upset OT victories over favored opponents, and Baltimore’s questionable coaching decision to close their blowout win + his Monday Night Football preview of the Raiders at the Chargers. […]

Last Call

Listen here for another edition of Last Call on The Sportsline featuring the best sounds from the week — including Tim Scarborough, Vinnie Iyer and Dr. Bob Rotella! WLNI · Last Call

Vinnie Iyer joins The Sportsline

Vinnie Iyer of the Sporting News is back on The Sportsline to talk all things NFL — sharing his thoughts on Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady, what he expects from the NFC East after a terrible 2020-21 season and whether or not he’s excited for the alternative Monday Night Football telecasts with Peyton and Eli […]