Mike Burnop joins the Sportsline to talk Hokies Knocking off Liberty.

Color Analyst of the Virginia Tech Hokies, Mike Burnop, joins the Sportsline to talk about how the Hokies doused the Flames. Burnop breaks down about how the signing day period will put the teams outlook for the ’23 season via recruiting and transfer portal. Plus, the potential return of the Jason Brown getting a 6th […]

Hokies Senior Linebacker Dax Hollifield joins the Sportsline.

Dax Hollifield of the Virginia Tech Hokies Football Program joins Dennis Carter. Hollifield send his heart out to the UVA Community after the tragedy that struck them late Sunday Evening. Hollifield talks about the growth of the team this year despite the record. Hollifield also talks about how his love for the game is what […]

Andy Bitter Joins the Sportsline to Talk a Unique Suspension.

Andy Bitter of the Athletic joins the Sportsline to talk about the Hokies to heading down to Durham and how they will hold up. Bitter talks about how the NCAA is making sure it stays behind the times by a suspension of Alan Tisdale. Bitter explains how what Tisdale did was completely legal and that […]

Professor David Glenn joins the Sportsline.

Longtime Friend of The Sportsline David Glenn joins the show to talk about how the world is backwards with all of the ACC North Carolina teams making a bowl game for the first time ever. Glenn talks about how the ACC football championship will play out between Clemson and UNC. Plus, he previews how he […]

The Sportsline with Special Guests including Mike Elko and Steve Berkowitz.

The kids around WLNI will suffer but the Kids of Virginia will rejoice, make your donation count to M4K and see what happens to the Biscuit and Drew if they reach their $15,000 goal. We talked with Head Coach of the Duke Blue Devils Mike Elko about what he is looking at going into Saturday’s […]

Duke Head Football Coach Mike Elko joins The Sportsline.

First Year Head Coach of the Duke Blue Devils, Mike Elko, joins Dennis Carter to preview this weekend’s matchup with the Virginia Tech Hokies. Coach Elko talks about his unique connection with Hokies’ LB Dax Hollifield. Coach also explains how this season is going about as good as you could wish for the Blue Devils […]

Brett Friedlander talks about how ACC Football has played out.

Brett Friedlander of Saturdayroad.com joins the Sportsline to talk about how UNC-UVA will be a blowout because of the offensive differences. Friedlander talks about how UVA Football has taken the UVA Basketball approach of little offense but heavy defense. Plus, Friedlander talks about how football season is still catching his attention but that basketball is […]

Mike Barber joins the Sportsline to talk The Commonwealth Woes.

Mike Barber of the Richmond Times joins the Sportsline to talk about how things in the Barber Household have been going well unlike the struggles on the field. Barber talks about how the Virginia Cavaliers are slightly better than Virginia Tech due to the capability of their defense this season. Barber elaborates on the disappointing […]

Mike Burnop joins the Sportsline to Preview Hokies-Wolfpack.

Virginia Tech Radio Analyst, Mike Burnop joins the Sportsline to talk about the Hokies coming off their bye week. Burnop talks about the Hokies offensive woes and how he wants to see more from Grant Wells. Plus, Burnop talks about how Devin Leary’s absence still doesn’t put the Hokies in the clear due to Chambers […]