In this week’s The HOME Show on WLNI we discussed how our “Words of the Year” are going and excitement over the next few upcoming issues of HOME magazine! 

We had a chance to catch up with Professor of Biology at Liberty University, Dr. Gene Sattler, who is also the president of Lynchburg Bird Club. He shared all about the activities of the bird club, winter birding as a hobby, and caring for the birds in your yard. 

Referenced article: “A Winter Wonderland of Birding” 

We also took a few extra minutes to get to know Donna Dunn, cohost of The HOME Show and editor of HOME magazine. She shared all her favorite things about working with the magazine so far. 

And Ashby Perrow shared all about caring for your indoor plants this winter in this week’s “The Outdoor Scoop” presented by Southern Landscape Group 

WLNI · The HOME Show: 1/14/23