This week’s program was all about upgrades! Doors, windows, siding, sunrooms, and more!

We enjoyed having Jake Nuckols with DoorTek Garage Door Service in the studio to discuss different aesthetics and materials of garage doors today. He also shared some safety tips, some horror stories, as well as information on ROI and curb appeal!

Chris Collins with Collins Siding & Windows also joined us to talk about the variety of windows you can install on your home both for the look and energy-efficiency, the extreme importance of the installation process and all the OTHER upgrades they can provide for your home!

Lastly, we looked ahead to next week’s “spooky-scary” edition of the program and announced our next giveaway! (@HOMEmagazineVA on Facebook and Instagram if you’re curious!)

Referenced Article: “Changing the View | Bring Flair to Your Home”

WLNI · The HOME Show: 10/22/22