This week on The HOME Show we got sentimental! Aww! We took a closer look at nostalgic items in our home and how we incorporate them into our own homes. 

Contributing writer for HOME magazine Shelley Basinger talked all about being bold and unique with your sentimental and nostalgic items because it’s all about what you love, as an extension of her article in the Early Spring issue of HOME: “Passed Down | How to Incorporate Nostalgic Items into Your Home’s Present-day Style” 

Referenced article: 

And Ashby Perrow with Southern Landscape Group dropped by for an extended edition of “The Outdoor Scoop” to share the importance of getting your yard ready for Spring by scheduling your cleanup now. Ashby also talked all about planning for, incorporating, and maintaining all different kinds of water features in your yard 

WLNI · The HOME Show: 2/11/23