The Fall/Readers’ Favorites issue of HOME magazine is out! So, we’re diving right in!

Heather Watson shared some great first-time homebuyer tips in this week’s “Consider It Sold”

Laura Hamilton with Beacon of Hope dropped by to talk about EVERYTHING (and we mean everything) they have going on. She shared how they got started back in 2011, promise programs & future centers, the Art for Achievement event, success stories and more

Readers’ Favorites Platinum winner Fortress Foundation Solutions dropped by to talk about all things basementy! Jerry & Laci discussed flooded basements, when to call, dehumidifiers, crawlspace work, and “smelling the Aspen” air filter

And Charles Snider with Piedmont Floor Show talked how they can help you budget in this week’s “Your Next Step”

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WLNI · The HOME Show: 9/2/23