Big 3: Trump’s Facebook ban upheld, many still without power in the area, and a Mali woman gave birth to 9 babies (she only expected 7!)

6 AM Hour: CDC releases guidance for kids at summer camp. We celebrate Nurses, the Day of Prayer, Beverages, and Mari getting #triggered by passwords; & listeners weigh in with hangover remedies for Ashley following her evening of Cinco-De-Drinko

7 AM Hour: Winsome Sears is a republican candidate for Lt. Gov. of VA. She served as a marine and is the first black conservative woman to be elected to the House. She joins the program to talk about rallying black voters, challenges of being a black republican, and the issues including legalization of marijuana and critical race theory; we discuss local events for GOP gubernatorial candidates Glenn Youngkin & Pete Snyder and the upcoming convention; and the trailer park lady who stole a 2-year-old was plotting to take a child for over a month – also, she’s a boober

8 AM Hour: Rachel Parr (aka Miss Parr) has been voted Lynchburg City Schools 2021 Teacher of the Year who teachers 4th grade at T.C. Miller Elementary School for Innovation. She talks about her passion for teaching and the kids. Rachel also shares some inspirational quotes that have helped her approach to leading and guiding her students & teaching through a pandemic; The women leave Brian to fend for himself in the studio and Andre Whitehead joins the program to talk about Glenn Youngkin’s rally lead by Ted Cruz last night

WLNI · The Morningline 05/06/2021