Mari White, Brian Weigand, and Anthony McAvoy are your drivers for this super fun Friday episode of The Morningline!

The Big 3: CDC Announcement about masks, the Colonial Pipeline Latest, and the Drug Bust in Bedford County.

6AM: The crew talks about stripping off our masks, and maybe bras too? The Colonial Pipeline and gas shortage in Virginia, the drug bust in Bedford County, a Hummer owner getting his taste of karma after his car explodes following filling up 4 buckets full of gas in Florida! Some 2020 Election Debate with listeners, and we celebrate decency, the chicken dance, and Anthony explains his love for biscuits!

7AM: Mari and Brian talk about electric vehicles becoming more prominent after this gas shortage, GOP Governor Candidate Glen Youngkin joins the show, Kevin Sheffield joins to talk about Mabry, his Oyster Farm, we learn what chuegy means, Mike and Monique join to preview their show tomorrow!

8AM: Karl Miller previews his show, Teresa Hall of Appalachian Power comes on to talk rate increase and cyber security, Andre Whitehead puts his name on today’s guestlist as he covers the wreck in Lynchburg this morning and to preview his show on Sunday night, and this week’s version of The Friday Five proves to be worth the WAIT!

WLNI · The Morningline 05/14/2021