Mari, Brian, and Anthony take us through a fun Friday on The Morningline!

The Big 3: Shooting in Lynchburg, Israeli Peace Deal, and Pelosi’s Mask Rules

6AM: The ceasefire between Israel and Palestine, the shooting in Lynchburg, Nancy Pelosi fining people for not wearing masks in the Senate, Allan questions Ron and George, running around the mall naked?, we celebrate the Red Cross, waitstaffs, and plan a pizza party, and also praise Deputy John Holt’s heroic acts!

7AM: Pizza Talk continues, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s decision to only be interviewed by people of color, and an early edition of The Friday Five!

8AM: Karl Miller joins to preview tomorrow’s episode of his show, Mike Cook also previews tomorrow’s Learn It, Live It, Lead It, Terry McAuliffe’s comments, Scot McCarthy brings us out of a commercial break to preview Mind Your Business, Critical Race Theory, more McAuliffe talk, and finally a Fill In The Blank contest to end our week!

WLNI · The Morningline 05/21/2021