Mari White, Brian Weigand, and Anthony McAvoy guide you through a JAM PACKED Friday morning!

Big 3: Origins of COVID, Fatal Motorcycle Crash in Lynchburg, Local D-Day events.

6AM: Origins of COVID, Fatal motorcycle crash in Lynchburg, Local D-Day events, Stand your ground against an iguana?, Allen’s 24 hour ban on Facebook, we celebrate cheese, cognac, donuts, and JMU Softball (again)!

7AM: 2 stories of bad kids, one MUCH worse than the other, running away stories, Andre Whitehead joins to preview his show that airs Sunday night, Rick Beyer comes on to talk about his book signing at the D-Day Memorial, Mike Cook joins to preview tomorrow’s episode of Learn It, Live It, Lead It, and what game should be CANCELLED from Family Game Night?

8AM: Scot McCarthy joins to preview the new expanded version of Mind Your Business, Misty Vincent-Spitzer of the Lynchburg YMCA comes in studio to talk about some upcoming events, Rev. Brian Moore and Christian DePaul help us debut One Minute Moore, we’re BACK with the Friday Five, and we end this busy Friday with some very exciting news!

WLNI · The Morningline 06/04/2021