Mari White, Brian Weigand, and Anthony McAvoy start off Hump Day right!

The Big 3: Terry McAuliffe wins Virginia Primary, Biden Infrastructure Deal, and the Lynchburg Panty Stealer

6AM: Terry McAuliffe wins Virginia Democratic Primary, The Biden Infrastructure Deal falls apart, the Lynchburg Panty Stealer is under arrest after being caught, we celebrate Donald Duck, Rhubarb, and any and all Earl’s, and the Virginia primary winners and losers.

7AM: Andrew Glover of the Conservative Parents of Lynchburg joins to talk about Lynchburg Public Schools passing equity courses and also the idea of an elected school board, Nick Kessler from Kubota comes in studio to talk about supply problems, equipment that can be found at Kubota, and also that all Kubota equipment is at 0% financing, the Thin Blue Line mural update as well as a blast from the past with Anthony and his high school resource officer.

8AM: Rich Gilman enters into the action to break down the case of Kiersten Hening against Virginia Tech, Our Waffle of the Week, Delegate Kathy Byron takes a moment to join us for a victory lap, and we end the show with a story so outrageous it has to be FAKE News (Spoiler: It is!).

WLNI · The Morningline 06/09/2021