Mari White, Brian Weigand, and Anthony McAvoy are law abiding citizens in this morning’s episode!

The Big 3: Keystone Pipeline, Shooting at Roanoke Grad Practice, Solar Eclipse

6AM: Anthony has been served… served Jury Duty, the Keystone Pipeline Closing, Shooting at Roanoke High School Graduation Practice, Solar Eclipse, we Celebrate Egg Rolls, Ball-Point Pens, Iced Tea, and are we trying to out-lazy each other?, Dr. Fauci is “The Science” or “The One Who Knocks”?

7AM: We continue our discussions on how to Anthony out of Jury Duty, Virginia Tech Football Player Murder Update, and interacting with listeners on Jury Duty and Virginia Tech.

8AM: More details and discussion on the Virginia Tech Murder Case, We debut a new segment called Building Our Future and talk to Ryouga Kasper, Owner of Kasper UAV, about how his business came about, that he’s 18 years old(!), what his company does, and what his future plans are for his business, Paul Whitten also joins us in studio to chat about whether or not he’s served jury duty or not, as well as the Dignity Difference, Advanced Planning, Lifetime Flexibility and more, Man stuck in a fan in California, and finally, Hero Rat has retired.

WLNI · The Morningline 06/10/2021