Mari White, Brian Weigand, and Anthony McAvoy hope to get your week started on a high note!

The Big 3: Campbell County Shooting, G7 Summit, Westminster Dog Show

6AM: Campbell County Shooting, The G7 Summit, Westminster Dog Show, Man swallowed by whale?, Braces and how retainers sound like medieval torture, the lying media, and we celebrate the Army, Flag Day, and Bourbon!

7AM: Brian Kilmeade joins the show to talk politics and what tennis needs to do to become more popular, Father making his final child support payment in pennies, Norm Leahy of The Washington Post talks Virginia Tech not allowing weed once legal, Terry McAuliffe, and other races in Virginia, and we end the hour talking about Virginia Tech saying off the weed!

8AM: Nightbirde has taken Mari’s heart after her Golden-Buzzer awarding audition on America’s Got Talent, did that guy REALLY get swallowed by that whale?, Plug Away Monday with Diane Gray talking about her 50 year long journey to find her biological family, and colleges views on drugs and alcohol takes us through our last segment!

WLNI · The Morningline 06/14/2021