Mari, Brian, and Biscuit are back for another fun Friday on The Morningline!

The Big 3: Supreme Court, Lynchburg Fires, Monument Terrace

6AM: Supreme Court keeping the Affordable Cares Act (ACA), Lynchburg Fires, Monument Terrace, Block Scheduling, Listener Conversations, and we celebrate Getting Away, wearing Blue, and some Birthdays!

7AM: We start our Arson Hour!, George helps out our campaign to get Allan back, someone is starting fires in Lynchburg, who are we cancelling now?, Are the airlines fat shaming us?, Tiffany Ellis calls to talk about her friends following their stuff being stolen, Mike Cook previews tomorrow’s episode of Learn It, Live It, Lead It, and we end the hour talking a little bit more about the Supreme Court!

8AM: What do dad’s really want for Father’s Day?, Andre Whitehead joins us on the scene for a live report of 2 accident on Interstate 29, Scot McCarthy previews Mind Your Business, and listeners call in to guess our favorite TV dads in this week’s Friday Five!

WLNI · The Morningline 06/18/2021