Mari, Brian, and Anthony are back to start the week on a high note!

The Big 3: Car in the James River, Tubing Accident in North Carolina, and Dan Bongino starts today on WLNI!

6AM: Car crashing into the James River, the Tubing accident in North Carolina leaving 4 dead and 1 missing, Dan Bongino begins today at Noon on WLNI, the couple that couldn’t save their relationship with a pair of handcuffs, Usain Bolt named his children what?, we talk about fun names with listeners, we celebrate Peaches N’ Cream, Gongs, and Daylight, and more fun names with listeners.

7AM: We speak with Brian Kilmeade, Amazon Prime Day, Norm Leahy cringes over Gerardo Parra’s Walk-up song, the Parole Board, and the Race for Governor, and Mari teaches Biscuit about the James River Batteau Festival.

8AM: Lynchburg Fire Chief, Greg Wormser, joins us in studio to talk about the wreck last night as well as the fires around the city, Wendy Gaylor of the Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce calls in to promote their job fair, and Elise Spontarelli of Vector Space plugs some of their programs including the Teen Mural on this edition of Plug Away Monday, and Brian ends the show with what he calls children!

WLNI · The Morningline 06/21/2021