Mari, Brian, and Anthony are back on this Tuesday morning!

The Big 3: Missing Woman Found, Carl Nassib, Increased Violence in the US.

6AM: People smoking weed on the Blackwater Creek Trail. Missing Lynchburg Woman Found. Carl Nassib coming out as first active openly gay player in the NFL. Increase of violent crimes throughout the country. We celebrate Eclairs, HVAC, and Onion Rings (More on these later though).

7AM: Randy Trost joins for our Gone to Pot Feature. The weed debate rages on. The dangers of weed and correlations with traffic accidents. Skill games becoming banned in Virginia. Great outcome for missing Lynchburg woman. And our Arson coverage continues.

8AM: Mike Mayo is back for his weekly check in to talk Spielberg signing with Netflix and to preview some new movies in Gaia and Luca. We continue our “trash talk”. And we have an expanded Hottest Story segment as we come locked and loaded with 3 stories including Wingstop, Onion Rings (told you they’d be back) vs. French Fries, and the current most stolen food item.

WLNI · The Morningline 06/22/2021