Lynchburg school officials say three city schools made sufficient progress last year to maintain their “partially accredited” school status. The Virginia Department of Education had earlier placed Dearington and Heritage Elementary Schools and Dunbar Middle School for Innovation in a “to be determined” accreditation status.

From Lynchburg City Schools: The Virginia State Board of Education has determined that three Lynchburg City Schools – Dearington Elementary School for Innovation, Dunbar Middle School for Innovation, and Heritage Elementary School – made sufficient progress last school year to maintain a partially accredited: reconstituted school status. These three schools had originally been placed in a “to be determined” accreditation status in September when the accreditation ratings were first released. While these schools were at risk of being denied accreditation, their improvement and progress towards reaching full accreditation status were deemed by the State Board to be sufficient to approve an appeal to remain as partially accredited: reconstituted schools.

“We appreciate that the State Board has taken a deeper look and has acknowledged the incredible effort and continued improvement that we see every day in these schools. We know that these schools are on the right track, and their ongoing efforts will soon add them to the list of schools that are fully accredited, which will be every Lynchburg City School in the near future,” said Interim Superintendent Larry Massie.

Over the last several years, Lynchburg City Schools has increased the number of fully accredited schools from two to seven schools.