wlni-defaultThe Town of Hurt reports on its web site that its water system is back on line and working property, but the boil advisory will remain in effect until state Health Department testing shows that all readings return to and remain in proper ranges. Town officials say once they receive word that the notice is lifted, they will put out the word as quickly as possible.

From the Town of Hurt: Happy Friday to all, and a huge thank-you to everyone for their hard work and patience. At this time, the water system is back online and working properly. The Virginia Health Department (VDH) is maintaining the boil advisory until testing shows that all readings are back in the proper ranges, and are staying there consistently. Please remember that the boil notice applies to water being consumed (drinking, food preparation, etc.) – most other uses may proceed as usual. Users may notice a moderate chlorine odor and/or discoloration of the water for a few days. That is actually fairly common following procedures like those we’ve gone through the last few days, but it should be gone within a week or less. Going forward from this point… we will only issue further announcements on an as-needed basis, and once we receive word from VDH that the boil notice is lifted, we will publish it as quickly as possible. A more detailed statement has been posted on our homepage at www.townofhurtva.gov. Again, thanks to everyone for their help and for bearing with us.