Officials Investigating Wednesday derailment of a CSX train, say there is nothing found so far to indicate the train crew contributed in any way to the accident, and all mechanical systems appear to have been functioning properly. The official count now is 17 tanker cars derailed in all; three going into the river–one of those three breached. CSX plans to remove more crude oil before moving the remaining cars. Since the derailment, crews have been deploying oil-absorbing pads to draw the contaminants from the river water.

Rail operations have resumed and trains are running once again downtown Lynchburg. Crews worked through the weekend to removed derailed cars and get them back on the tracks and moved. The state estimates more than 20,000 gallons of crude oil might have been released in the crash. Sources say the oil in the remaining cars will be removed before they are moved out. Railroad officials are continuing environmental assessment and protection effort with federal, state and local environmental authorities.